Jellyhead Collective is a multimedia art collective made up of musicians, audio engineers, filmmakers, in the pursuit of collaborating and showcasing music, technology, film and personal experiences of various underground artists.

The Jellyhead podcast

On the Jellyhead Podcast, Andy sits with artists in the entertainment industry in order to help others experiencing the hardships and the constant teetering balancing act we all face. Our long-form podcast that delves deep into the questions of life and art in an attempt to help each other figure it all out.


Jellyhead events

We aim to host shows where the contributions are made to charities who are constantly fighting for those in need. You too can help by simply attending, buying a drink, merchandise or entering into our raffles.  

Benefit Show

Jellyhead ii:

your sisters a werewolf

Our Halloween themed event was part II of our fight towards keeping families together. When hosting these benefit shows, we donate to a charity whose constantly fighting for those in need, and we hope you can too.    

Music Artist: Skippin Stone, Children, Wax Children, Moon Ensemble



Benefit Show


Families Together

During Episode 2 of the Jellyhead Podcast, we mentioned the event which took place at DBA256 in Pomona, CA on August 17th, 2018. "Keeping Families Together" was put together to help Edgars family and families across the US affected by immigration. With help from Girl Underground Music, Heartmind Radio, and The Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights, plus all the amazing artists that took the time to offer their art.  

Music Artist: Furcast, Mind Monogram, Alicia Blue, Cusi Coyllur

Visual Artist: Kat Bing 

Press: Art Muzeo Magazine